Jaroslava Podmolová (Czech Republic)  



Mikhail Kirillov (Russia)  

In 1994 he started with the agility. Since 2005 he is the judge. He judged championships of Russia, Eurasia, the championship of Ukraine, Belarus, the Czech Republic's qualification for the AWC in 2010, the European Open 2010 Moravia Open 2014 and competitions in the Slovakia.



Anthony Clarke (UK)  

Anthony Clarke is known as one of the UK’s top trainers and competitors with 15 years’ experience working with dogs and taking every dog he has owned to the very top level of British Agility.
Anthony’s agility expertise has taken him all over the world presenting Inspirational and motivational seminars in countries such as, Holland, Belgium, Poland, America, Canada and Japan.
Having started at a young age Anthony has gained experience in many Junior Championships winning the junior world championships in 2007 as well as every British Junior title at least twice, Anthony retired from junior competitions in 2009, after winning the Crufts Junior Title for the fourth time. Within his time as a junior handler Anthony also dominated the senior competitions and became a regular competitor at all the major British finals and competitions such as Crufts and Olympia. He has also competed for his country on many occasions at the FCI World championships and the European Open where Anthony and his team mates have taken 2nd place in the Team event at the FCI Championships and also overall Team Bronze medallist twice at the European Open.
Anthony’s qualities also involve coaching the England World Agility Open Team, where as a coach has 9xGold, 7xSilver, 6xBronze medals to his name team members have said “Anthony brings the best out in each handler and dog partnership and works well as a coach to help achieve the best for the partnership”.
He also takes the progression & development of young agility handlers very seriously and owns his own Junior Agility program called Agility for Junior’s, where he provides top quality training for junior handlers. (Agility for juniors)
A huge part of this programs newest launch is the Open Junior Agility Championships, where he is the owner of an International agility competition for handlers under the age of 18years old.


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