Jiřina Máčková (Czech Republic)

first met agility at a dog show in 1994. She did her first steps in agility training with her belgian shepherd Ajša. Alša was followed by shelties Dean, Vizi, Aninka, Berča and groenendael Ginny. Jiřina qualified as a national judge in 1998 and she became international hudge three years later. Since then, she judged competitions in the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Latvia and Slovakia. She was a Czech teamleader for Agility World Championships in 2003 and 2004 and for Agility Junior Championship from years 2002 – 2008. Her experience is mirrored in her courses, where technical parts shifts into speed sequences, with dog’s safety as a priority. It’s no wonder that she judged World Championship in Liberec in 2012.

Mirja Lapanja (Slovenia)

lives in Ljubljan, Slovenia. She started agiity in 1994, began to compete and agility became her hobby. She competed at the World Championship with three dogs since then. Not only she compete with border collies, she also sucessfully breeds them (Kennel Shadow of Aire). We can see her on the course as a judge from 2000. Mirja judges on competitions all around the Europe and was asked to judge EO 2013 in Belgium. She’s an agility judge too, of course, and she’s a teamleader for Slovenian World Agility Team.

André Mauer (Luxembourg)

lives with her family and three border collies in Differdange. He began agility in 1991 with her dog Aska. He participated at World Championship five times and his best placement was 10th place in individuals (Dortmund 2002). He can meet him as an agility judge since 2000, later as an international judge. He judged competitions in Luxembourg, Switzerland, France, Germany and Poland such as Luxembourg Open, Border Collies Classic and several National Championships. Each competition is a great event. for him, national as well as international. He likes to watch dogs and handlers having a beautiful run.


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