10 - 12 May 2019 - 19th International Border Collie Championship of the Czech Republic 2019
Location: Tošovice
The organizer of Championship: Tereza Kaniová

13.05.2019 - Championship is over. You can see the results at website
06.05.2019 - The event will be supported by @hilarem dog toys . You can look forward to a stand with favorite toys, such as mops, faux fur walks, punched balls, etc. You can also purchase agility guides, folding cones and much more.
30.04.2019MOUNTAIN SUPPLEMENTS is a common trademark of KA-ANILOR and SPA-W. Love for dogs and agility has brought us across the borders of Slovenia and Croatia and together we have created a unique brand of supplements for active dogs. Since we are also active competitors in agility, we know what hard training during the week and of course over the weekend competitions, means to our dog`s health. During the competition season our dogs regenerate more difficult and we have developed products to help them regenerate faster and thus reduce and minimize the possibilities of unwanted injuries. Our product MOUNTAIN RECOVERY is made from pure ingredients (whey protein, L-glutamine, sugar and, of course, many vitamins). Of course, we did not forget about importance of pre-preparation and created the product MOUNTAIN PRE-ACTIVITY. The product is made to add energy to the dog in a short time. Also here we combine the most important ingredients like maltodextrin (sugar) and electrolytes. Since we are all aware about impact to dog`s joints in this sport, we have developed MOUNTAIN JOINTS. It is composed only of pure ingredients such as glucosamine, MSM and chondrotine (50% -40% -10%). We DO NOT add any other ingredients in this product, such as maltodextrin or other types of sugar. In the end, we have developed a very special product that will be handy to each of us. Cool dry foam, which helps in cooling the muscles at the dog massage after intensive activity. So if you're impressed by any of the MOUNTAIN SUPPLEMENTS products, you'll be able to get even more info about them at BCCCZ competition. For all the impatient, you can read all about them on our website
15.04.2019 - The winner of the BCCCZ Championship wins Weave Poles!! This wonderful prize is sponsored by the company Překážky pro Agility PePa -, which produces not only weave poles but also beautiful zone obstacles, jumps and much more for agility.
15.04.2019 - More beautiful prices will be from Gleidy - collars and leads
15.04.2019 - Tachyon kennel and Tachyon Sport Arena has prizes for the fastest border collies in the competitions Tachyon Trophy A1 and A2/3.
15.03.2019 - Prague Restaurant Spižírna 1902 sponsors the championship. During your visit, you can enjoy a rich breakfast, weekend brunch, light lunches and fine evening canapes. To do this, you can have homemade lemonades, good coffee and wine, beer from microbreweries, or something sharper, all homemade and lovingly made.
14.02.2019Border Collie Club Czech Republic became a partner of the competition.
01.02.2019 - Developers of the DOGRES reservation system also decided to support the event.
30.08.2018 - Successful teams can look forward to beautiful workshop products from eshop Lucy&Yv!
29.01.2019 - Countdown begins to the start of registration 1.2.2019.
23.01.2019Rules published.
21.01.2019 - Main sponzor of the championschip - inSPORTLine
21.01.2019 - New sponsor of the championships - SNACK BAR U dvou přátel.
10.01.2019 - New sponsor of the championships - Berylo.
06.01.2019 - New sponsor of the championships - MushGO.
06.01.2019 - New sponsor of the championships Spokojeny pes e-shop.
06.01.2019 - The registration starts 1.2.2019 v 8:00.


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HEIPARK Tošovice

Univerzitní Sportovní Klub - Slezská univerzita v Opavě

Mush Go

Spokojeny pes

Výroba překážek


Lucy&Yv - doplňky pro pejsky

Dogres rezervační systém pro psí sporty

Spizirna 1902

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