The organizer of Championship is Michal Pivka in cooperation with team AK Hodonín and Psí škola "Na Ostrově" Brno.

Number of teams selected by competitions:

Total of registreted teams: 210 [game Power&Speed: 179]
  • Championship for 2nd and 3rd grade: 143 [game Power&Speed: 128]
  • Championship for 1st grade: 57 [game Power&Speed: 51]
  • Only the Oldies Trial (for dog/bitch over 8 years of age): 10
  • The total value of the gift for dog shelter: 2870 CZK

Registration is not opened!

12.06.2014 - The sponsor of the championships - - agility obstacles

14.01.2014 - The updated Program.

07.05.2014 - New sponsor of the championships - ALAVIS™ - Veterinary supplements for dogs, cats and horses.

23.04.2014 - New sponsor of the championships - Rehabilitation center for dogs - MVDr. Petra Olmová.

28.01.2014 - New sponsor of the championships - Bartech.

17.01.2014 - New sponsor of the championships - God Dog.

14.01.2014 - Registration is open and startlist is published. !!!

08.01.2014 - The registration will start 14.1.2014 at 8.00 !!!

09.10.2013 - The main sponsor of the championship is Fitmin, the flagship of the product portfolio of Dibaq a.s., is a brand offering nutrition programmes for dogs, cats and horses.

18.09.2013 - Judges confirmed their participation.

23.08.2013 - Accommodation of the entire camping site is reserved only for participants of the championship. Therefore, when making a reservation, please give password AGILITY 2014.

18.08.2013 - 06th - 08th June 2014 is comming soon 14th International Border Collie Championship of the Czech Republic 2014


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Main sponsor

Fitmin - Náskok ve výživě


God Dog


Veterinární přípravky ALAVIS

Výroba překážek

Rehabilitační centrum

Pelechy Terka

Medial partner

Psí sporty

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